Saturday, March 6, 2010

Message from Uncle Audrick

Dear members of SBM (Youth), a message from Uncle Audrick, General-Secretary of SBM's General Committee.

Dear Youth Leaders,

We ended 2009 with our 28th Annnivesary celebration in Changi Chalet. Ven Dr.K Annuruddha, Ven K Dhammika, Patron Tan BL gladly graced the occassion which has a good turn out of both Adults and Youth. Yeow Chong presented an inspiringly Magic show. A lot of hard work and planning was put in despite his mid term papers in the Poly. Sadhu.. Yeow Chong in leading this 28th Anniversary project.

Year 2010 started with a strings of successful projects. Your SBMyouth Blog tells it all.

Shi Xiong, your recent article "A Timely Reminder" is very appropriate. A measured and firm reminder to peripheral criticisms by unknown distractors showed that SBM Youth has come of age. Here again, I must not miss out key leaders like Alvin, Zeming & team and the new 3G youth leadership in the line-up.

Youth Leaders, you have many more projects in your pipeline. Plan, organize and implement them well. I am confident you will bring it higher to the next level of excellence.

Your next immediate project is to ensure that Ven Mahinda Public talk in Po Ming Tze on 27th Mar 10 is seamlessly organized and followed through. Do not hesistate to involve GCs and all the senior members in SBM. They will be most happy to pitch in when you need further assistance.

On behalf of our Chief, Dr. K Anuruddha, Resident Religious Advisor, Ven K Dhammika, Youth Religious Advisor, Ven Dr. Bodhi, Patron,Bro Tan BL and GCs,

Let me Congratulate SBM Youth for your perservance and positive attitude in building a stronger and more innovative younger team of leaders. Your effort to bridge and share your organizational skills to youth leaders in various Buddhist organizations, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions is a very encouraging and pragmatic step forward. It calls for endless hours of planning, meetings and executions of projects despite your school work.
Such experiences will bring you in good steed when you step out of schooling life and meet the real challenges in the adult world. You will be far more prepared than your peers.

May I wish one and all Success in Your Endeavours.

With Metta,

Audrick Kwek

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