Friday, March 19, 2010

Sports day outing

Last week, house captains Eunice and Fuzhong, with the help of the other captains, organised our once monthly outing activity for SBM members. Despite overcast skies and slight drizzle, our spirits were not the least dampened.

We played the usual sports such as football, ultimate frisbee, dodge ball and Kite flying! The last time I remembered flying a kite was when I was 13. many years later, I'm seeing new 13 year old members flying kites together with other youth members. It was definitely heart-warming for me.

At the end of the day, we left the seng kang field with joy and a stronger bond forged during the games.

It was definitely a wonderful experience as well as a good break from all the school work and exams! I looking forward to the next sports activity which is ULTIMATE SPORTS CAMP!!!

Enjoy these pictures taken on that day!


Mabel dancing in the field!

Kaiwen never fail to amuse me...cut ur hair! almost thought u were a girl!
Kai - Kungfu - Wen

Bully xiao mei mei
Now its Kai - Tai chi - Wen
No comments....
Panda kite assembly team!!!
WanLing's messy hair in the wind
Told u guys its about to rain!

It flew!!!


Preparation for dodge ball

You want my number?

Seriously...ur hair!... lol

Moon - Fuzhong -walker

Sorry eugene but i really like ur pose and expression!!!! lovely!

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