Monday, March 1, 2010

A Timely Reminder

Since we started this blog in 2008 as an avenue for our youths in the group to find out more about the latest happenings and for information about the Buddha-Dhamma, we have always had a chatbox on our side, for our members to interact and at times, beneficial comments from members of public.

We have had bad experience before, from evangelists to netizens critical of Buddhism, to also netizens leaving unhelpful comments about Singapore Buddhist Mission's youth group and its members.

Perhaps this is a timely reminder for netizens to remember and have respect on the work so many people have done for this youth group, then to make undesirable remarks on the chatbox, many of which has since been filtered. Many of these young people are still in their secondary and post-secondary schools, your unhealthy remarks may be very unkind towards them.

But if any of you have any pressing issues, please feel free to drop any of the senior members a call (on the side bar), and we can meet up and have a cup of coffee. That way, your feedback will be more valuable.

May I also reiterate that Singapore Buddhist Mission is not just about it's youth group, but it's a Dhamma centre on the whole, including its adults, elderly and pre-teen members. As such, it would be useful and proper to acknowledge that fact.

Thank you.

Liew Shi Xiong

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