Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dhamma Talk - SUCCESS!

Congratulations Mabel, Eugene and all the Youth Working Team..

This is indeed a very good starting point for our SBM Young Lions. You are begining to exhibit your Dhamma Roar and are all ready to meet the challenges ahead in practising, sharing and proporgating the Noble Teachings of our Lord Buddha to your peers and new generation of youth in Singapore and on the broader scale, with your dhamma brothers and sisters in Malaysia and regional countries. It will take a while, but not impossible. Continue this good work.

The feedback you received indeed is a testimony of your hard work, commaradie and leadership potential. These attributes are guiding and moving your team in the right direction.

Feedback from Venerable Mahinda team of volunteers have been very encouraging.
SBM next GC meeting will be held this coming Sunday, 18th April 2010 at 1pm sharp. I would strongly encourage youth seniors and your 3G team leaders of attend. Introduce your team. Take the credit as you have deserved it.

May I suggest that you share your plan and projects for the rest of the year. It is good to keep the GC informed and get their endorsement. I am sure they will be very please to participate and support you.

With Metta,
Uncle Audrick

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