Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am feeling sentimental this morning.

It's hard to let go of something you hold so close to your heart, but it is time to do, especially since this is my 6th year, running as Vice-President. Last weekend was eventful, when we make official the upcoming executive committee who will take over come June. But it would be a new era now with younger and more competent leaders taking the seat and leading the youths further.

6 years and lots of bitter-sweet memories. And despite of our differences, I am thankful for the trust and opportunities that the previous generation had given me. This position had opened a lot of doors for me. Now, it does feels like a part of me would now be missing and it's really time to move on to serving the Mission in other areas. But that doesn't mean we will be missing from the youth group. We will still be around and continue to be its staunchest supporters.

The Mission Youth will continue to grow under the next generation of leaders who are talented and very much united. You guys have a strong team and possess the potential to bring the group so much further than we did.

So keep it burning guys and always always always ground yourself and the group in the Triple Gems and the 5 Precepts! It would be an exciting time ahead and I cannot wait to see how far the group will grow under you guys.

Looking back, at some of the best moments spent with all of you.

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