Monday, May 24, 2010

What to Expect for Vesak Celebrations @SBM!

What to Look out For!

1. Rejoice with the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha
Vesak Day is the most important day for us Buddhists, where we commermerate the Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away of our Teacher, the Lord Buddha. As such, it is very important for us, Buddhist youths to come remind ourselves on the Buddha's teachings and to make resolution and reflections to become better Buddhist youths. It is very important that we come with a clear and peaceful mind on Friday and be eager to abide by the 5 Precepts and remind yourself why are you a Buddhist.

2. Youth Stations
Our EXCO members and senior members will be putting up games booths so that everyone can come and play. Watch our for the first ever Magic Booth, where our resident magician (and dancer), Yeow Cheong, will be performing some magic tricks!

3. Mini Youth Concert
Enuff' said! Must watch! Peformances by Reaching Jhana and co.

4. Visit to Bao Kwang Fo Tang
We will take a little trip to Bishan to visit and send our regards to our youth spiritual advisor, Venerable Bodhi. Also, open our eyes to how Mahayana Buddhists celebrate Vesak Day!

5. Visit to Kong Meng San
How can we miss out on Singapore's largest Buddhist temple? Expect a fantastic atmosphere here at the Bright Hill.

6. Candlelight Process
Quieten your mind down for a moment to reflect upon the past year and your resolution to become a better Buddhist for the coming year.

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