Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You are a Buddhist, remember that.

Everything you do, every activity and work you volunteer, always ground yourselves in the teachings of the Buddha.

Even when you're not in the temple, be mindful that the Buddha is your teacher and his teachings your guide in life.

Don't ever forget that.

Let wisdom and compassion be a guiding light in your life.

May you all abide in the 5 Precepts diligently.

Always be mindful of the Noble 8 Foldpaths.

Know that the Buddha-Dhamma gives you solace and respite in a world that is just like a roller-coaster ride, ups and downs, the thrills and the monotony.

The group will only grow, the community will only strengthen, if the faith and spirituality of the Buddhist youth are strong.

For those who are already practicing on a daily basis, please keep it up. For those who still don't see the need to practice, do give yourself at least 5 minutes everyday before bed to reflect upon your day and then do your homage to the Buddha. We all need some form of spiritual discipline in our lives.

Most importantly, Buddhist practice does not start only in the temples of the Dhamma centres. Your practice begin from the first moment you are awake, on your journey to school and work and your daily interaction with your fellow human beings, animals and the environment. Buddhism for lay people is not about taking 1 month away from the city into the forest for intense cultivation. It should be a daily process of everyday mindfulness in everything that we do.

Remember, Buddhist youths, don't slack on your faith and practice.

Shi Xiong

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