Tuesday, June 8, 2010

HD Video Camera Sponsorship

We are DESPERATE! Ok, at least I am! SBM Youth have been actively making Buddhsit videos and documenting our events like below. However our current video camcorder is not only outdated but also spoilt, hence, we are in search of a new video camcorder. Currently, I have my eyes set on this second-hand camera but the price is a bit too steep for the group to purchase. What do you guys reckon? We do need to source for a bit of funds to help with a new camera. With Camp Lions in 2 weeks time and many more up and coming events and projects, the video camera will come in very handy and will be grateful if anyone has any suggestions so that we can draft a better proposal for the sponsorship.

Million thanks and Sadhu,

the Video-Buddhist-Boy (and DESPERATE for a proper and functioning video camera for the youth group).

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