Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The New Generation

A new era is beginning here at SBM where the 3rd generation will completely replace the 2nd gen within the main committee. It's an exciting time and for someone who has been in SBM for the last 13 years (since I was 12 mah), I dare say you guys have the potential to be the best and bring the youth group to an even greater height!

It does feels weird now, but change is the only constant, Annica, the Buddha says. But stepping down doesn't mean leaving. We are still going to be around, going to be here for every sharing session, will be here to give our fullest support for the youth group!

The transition will only be complete and official come August but Vicky, Mabel and Ernest has already resumed duties of the President and Vice-Presidents. The new committee will be announced once it is being finalised.

At the same time, it has been with great pleasure and pride to see Vicky, Mabel and Ernest assumed their roles. Having seen them grow up so much over the past 6 years they have been here with us at SBM Youth. You don't know how proud I am to see everyone stepping up now to assume roles
Vicky practicing his customary Presidential wave.

Mabel and her favourite snack. No prizes for guessing who's the one supplying the Yum Yum.

The ability to split himself into 3 is Ernest greatest asset to SBM.

It's an exciting time here at SBM and I hope everyone give them your fullest support and together, as a family, we can bring SBM Youth further! Keep the Dhamma wheel spinning, keep youths engaged in the Buddha's teachings, keep your faith strong, keep building strong spiritual friendship and always lift your heads high and raise your hands upwards because you are proud to be a young Buddhist.

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