Monday, July 12, 2010

Bad Habits

Bad habits, no matter small, are still bad habits. Bad habits are small little time bombs and if we are to continue to ignore the little bad habits we all carry with ourselves, it will only become a massive explosions. We need to be mindful of our small little bad habits and have put in the Right Effort in improving our shortcomings. We are all in the process of becoming a better person, so please don't slacken on your practice. As spiritual friends, even more so should we constantly remind each other of our bad habits so that we all can grow to become better citizens of this society.

Punctuality and accountability have been problems that plagued our group, especially since we work like a family where everyone is our own brother and sister. As a senior here, even more so is my duty to remind everyone to try and keep up to time and not let your peers delay an event, just so they could accommodate your little bad habit.

It's about time, especially if you have lived more than a decade of your life, not realising that your little bad habit is causing inconvenience to others.

Lets learn shall we?

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