Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In the Footsteps of My Teacher

Sri Lanka has been the stronghold of Theravada Buddhism for more than two thousand years, since Arahant Mahinda, the eldest son of King Asoka, spread the Buddha's teachings to King Tissa of ancient Lanka.

Sri Lanka is also a very special counry to us here at Singapore Buddhist Mission. Our Dhamma Centre is founded by the late Venerable Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda and follows the Siam Nikaya tradition of Sri Lankan Theravadan Buddhism.

Sri Lanka is also the home of our Chief Resident Monk, Venerable K. Dhammika, and under whom many of us took our Refuge in the Tirarana and the Five Precepts.

Zeming and myself has have the good fortune to follow Venerable K. Dhammika on his recent trip back to his home country, where we not only visited holy Buddhist shrines around the island and tourist attractions but even the region which was controlled by rebels less than 2 years ago.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country filled with beautiful beaches, beautiful shrines and beautiful people. Their smiles are heartwarming and their reception to the visitors, humbling. Of all the countries that I have been to, Sri Lanka lingers on exceptionally. Words cannot express this wonderful experience which is itself spiritual in nature.

Let our pictures do the talking.

Visiting Sati Centre
Venerable Dr. K. Anuruddha is SBM's Chief Monk, after the late Venerable Dr. K Sri Dhammanda passed away. A highly respected monk, Bhante Dr. Anuruddha is also a professor at Hong Kong University. While at Sri Lanka, we managed to visit him and his Buddhist institute.

A photo taken in the 1950s. See if you can spot a younger Bhante Anuruddha?

This is the monastery where Bhante first received his ordination as a monk more than 40 years ago.

A Sunday School student in a 200-year old monastery where we had the fortune of staying for a night.

Top of the World
Bhante Dhammika catching up with his old friend, Bhante Mahinda. Bhante Mahinda's temple is built on top of a mountain and the temperature was so cold, it went below 10 degrees Celsius that night.

Beautiful image of Lord Buddha is illuminated by lamps.

An upasika (female laywoman) prepares for our meals.

Dambulla Cave Temples

Ancient temples built in caves under Royal Patronage.


This picture reminds me of the story of Culapanthaka. 扫尘除垢 anyone?

Bhante Dhammika met his former student, who is the ex-director of Sri Lankan's Education Ministry.

Buddhist Flag.

One of the Friends of SBM Youth mentioned that the picture above reminds him of Tolkien.

Ascension to the Rock.

Ancient sculpture of Lord Buddha under the patronage of King Tissa (or his sons, can't remember).

Bodhi leaves.

Wise words.

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