Friday, August 27, 2010

Activities for this Saturday 28 August


There will be no sharing at SBM this Saturday, as we will be heading over to Poh Ming Tse Temple to attend a dharma sharing, entitled Are You Afraid of Ghosts?

Here's a short summary of the dharma sharing:

"This is the month of Ullambana festival. We take this opportunity to honour and remember the departed ones. How do we truly do so? What constitutes tradition and what constitute Buddhist practices?

There is also such a belief that hells beings will roam the streets with the one-month visiting pass. Is this true? How do Buddhist view paranormal activities? Are you afraid of Ghosts? Should we be?"

Meeting Time - 1.00 PM at Newton MRT

And that's not all!

In the evening we will be heading back to SBM to join bhante for chanting to mark the death anniversary of Venerable Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda, so do bring along a set of white shirt and pants. Chanting will start at 8pm.

Sharing will resume on the 4th Sept :D

See you peeps tomorrow!

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