Saturday, September 11, 2010

When the Dhamma Team first implemented the "syllabus" system for our sharing, I had many many many concerns. Being a mugger myself, I've always enjoyed predictability- having a flow to what I was learning and being able to refer to the previous chapters and link them all together systematically. At the same time, I was also aware of the fact that many dislike textbooks. I would say that we took a risk.

However, over the past few sharing sessions that we have implemented this system, I was greatly encouraged by the fact that many of our youths- especially the younger ones, have been turning up consistently. Not only so, they attentively nodded when we present our materials (and of course there were those who were engaged with their phones and poking people next to them. But nevertheless,) I'm also very happy to say that we've not allowed the syllabus to bind us, but instead explore more manners to present them to the audience effectively and amusingly.

People come, people go. Some have left with knowledge and direction while others have failed to find meaning. No matter what, be reminded of why the Buddha himself was motivated to propagate the Dhamma.

In order to encourage the sangha to spread the Dhamma, the Buddha spoke:

There are beings with little dust in their eyes, who, not hearing the Dhamma, will fall away. There will be those who understand the Dhamma.

For the older ones, I hope that this will continue to remind you of your motivation to serve in SBM. For the younger ones, I aspire that you guys will one day experience this aspiration that the seniors have.

I would also like to take this opportunity to share the following with all of us, who will one day have the chance to be hosting the sharing. This especially goes out to the Dhamma team, where individuals held uncertainties of their abilities to teach the younger ones:

When Sariputta was out to look for a teacher to teach him the way of life, he met Assaji who was out to propagate the Dhamma by the instruction of the Buddha. Seeing how calm and peaceful Assaji was in his appearance, Sariputta asked Assaji for his teacher and his teachings.

Assaji humbly replied: I am still young in the order, brother, and I am not able to expound the Dhamma to you at length.

Sariputta then reacted with great understanding: Say much or little according to your ability, and it is left to me to understand it in a hundred or thousand ways.

I was particularly inspired by this because of the understanding that Sariputta had shown to Assaji, just as the younger ones are showing to us and from one another we learn.

This is a dedication to all in SBM, the seniors and the seniors to be, to all dhamma workers out there, continue to strive, continue to propagate the dhamma tirelessly.


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