Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Loving Kindness

May I find the truth that frees me, what the eye sees not, but the heart feels deeply
Let me not seek what is out there, for that is what my mind magically conjures
Tricking me to see what I want to see, seeking joys that bite their own tails

All that I see out there is right here in my heart, how I see the world out there
Beautiful or ugly, the world, is just the way my heart wants it, just make-up
That I paste like posters on the walls of reality, but they keep slipping away

The flowers are colourfully fragrant when I look at them, but is that all?
When I close my eyes those same flowers smell even more fragrantly unhindered
A sweetness that no winds of the world nor anything could blow around or away

As I stand on the cliff’s edge, a cotton canopy of clouds below me stretch endlessly
Above me an empty sky, as if the world is turned upside down and around
Unmoving I stand, without a step, lest I fall into the bottomless clouds

Memories rush by, but only the most true, like fresh drops of gentle rain
Upon a thirsting tongue, what was I running after? Was had been
Will be will become will have but not yet come: we trust words too much

The trees, the mountains, the clouds, the sky were not have not will not
They are right here with me, all that is, not coming not going not staying
The sky-like mountains around smile as I remain still on their giant shoulders

When the moon rises in that cloudless night sky, the radiance is everywhere
Coming from the deep of my heart, shining, making me pure light
Shining on all alike, high and low, near and far, seen unseen

Be well all, for all is well in the radiant space within me, all around, too
To the front, all is well; to the right and behind me, too, all is well
To my left, and above as below, and in the spaces in between, all is well

Piya Tan ©2010 101023

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