Sunday, October 17, 2010

Random musing

Having recently stepped down from the committee and now entering the life of an working adult, I looked back at my journey as a Buddhist youth serving in the mission as probably the best days of my life. The journey was not easy. I am sure many in the current group can attest to that. The harsh reality is that there isn't enough support, especially from people that matters.

Here at SBM, we are fortunate to have the fullest backing of our adult committee, something we recognised as peculiar, compared to many groups out there. But coming from a small temple with very limited resources, there's only so much we can do. Though I believe that small really is beautiful. We can do small things in our small ways with our small premises without all the unnecessary politicking or red-tape. This is something I am sure all our members should be mindful of and can appreciate. The little temple in the corner of Ruby Lane has accompanied your journey through your teenage years, like it did to me. My only hope is that you all continue to serve the Mission with the purest of all intentions and motivations and continue to let the Dhamma thrive in the hearts of the young people, who may have the kammic affinity to come across our doorsteps (and the welcoming meows of our resident cat, Ravi).

Destroy Mara Save the Dhamma game booth, Vesak 2007.

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