Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Resonation Buddhist Youth Concert

You guys don't know how proud I am to see everyone of you light up the stage. I felt the pride of a proud parent. I hope it has been a good memory and good experience, for many of you, your first time performing on stage. It's a good experience not only because it's a chance to explore the performing talent inside you, but also an opportunity to gain the confidence of going up on stage. This concert wouldn't have been possible without our producers, Alvin, Jimmy and Kevin, and of course all the faceless and nameless people behind the stage, on the lights and sounds. You guys know who you are.

I am really proud, especially when it was only a couple of days before the show when our major sponsor (ok, in fact our only sponsor) pulled out their support and the bills were mounting. Fortunately, we still went on with our grit and determination under the lead of our producers, Alvin, Jimmy and Kevin and the youth group's ingenuity worked, as we tried to find corners around our problems. Lastly, thank you to Bhante and the adult committee of SBM, who managed to bill us out.

Enjoy the photos from our Resonation Buddhist Youth Concert and relive the good moments! More photos will be up soon (oi! Kor Kor Love?!)

The Arts House was the former Parliament of Singapore before Independence. Now did you know that the hall where we had our performance was the office of our first Chief Minister, David Marshall, pre-independence.

The hosts of the night: Mengkuan and Yeow Cheong.

Reaching Jhana.

The Boys, doing a Wonder Girls, not.

Jailbreak Girls. Must be too much iPhone.

Guest Starring Phimol "Lah", President of Young Buddhist Chapter.

The Lighting Head and his henchwomen.

Amanda and Peijin.

Crew: One lady two officers.

Family Support.
Family Support for Leanne "Hello Canada!"

The faceless behind the scenes:

The Three Kings.


The Three Producers.

Good job!

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