Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Well it's really just an excuse for us to get together, play dress us and have some good youthful fun!

Little Red Riding Hood (went wrong), Demoness, Cry Babi and... Pontianak?

With Sister Jackie from Wat Ananda.

Notice the ninja behind?

Hadoken. No need for special effects. This is the real stuff.

"Eh? No kangaroos?"

League of Ordinary Gentlemen.

"Orange juice very nice"

Cat falls in love with the big spider, to the envy of vampire. Copied from Facebook.

Mohawk Boy is going to see the dentist!

Two is better than one.

Hoho! Amigos! Now a chopper is sensitive!

Modern-Day Ghosts.

Hmmm.... tension.

What? Iron Man?

Cry Babi and her father, Shughar Dadi.

Green Tea, not blood.

Flying Iron Man in Shorts and Slippers.

Jimmy Xiao Mimi

Cat Woman.

Scary hor

Amigos is really a kind-hearted vegetarian. Really.

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