Sunday, November 21, 2010

I have been following the writings and works of Reverend Heng Sure across the Pacific and via the Internet since my army days 5 years back. I have sought solace in his wisdom and have found inspiration in his Dhamma music. His song, Dedication of Merits, is also sang by the youths in Camp Ehi-Passiko and Camp Lions.

So it seems almost like coming to a full circle to finally meet Reverend Heng Sure in a youth dialogue here in Singapore, a rare appearance from the revered American Buddhist monk.

Jianyong was so inspired by Reverend's talk that he requested a solo picture.

Having being a Buddhist since I was a child, the story of the 4 Sights has already become quite routine. But Reverend Heng Sure telling of the story brought the audience closer to the psyche of Prince Siddhartha and made the story alive before culminating with a catching folk song titled Yashodara, Prince Siddhartha's wife.

You can downloand songs by Reverend Heng Sure here at this link. It's for free but there's a catch! You have to do a good deed and then submit it, before you can receive the music for free.

Another spiritual recharge on an inspirational weekend. Sadhu.

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