Sunday, November 28, 2010

So proud to wake up in the morning and seeing you guys on the papers. This place has been my home through my growing years and glad to know that it will continue to be a haven for you guys, and hopefully for future generations of teenagers to come. It made me think a lot today and especially the pioneers of the group and the mentors from the previous committee before me, whom you have to admit established the pillars of the group. Though thru' the years, people come and go and differences arose, we should still be mindful that everyone was only serving the Mission in ways in which he/she felt was for the best.

Continue to work hard and keep the group growing in spirituality, wisdom and compassion. Remember that spiritual friendship should always be at the very heart of this group and that the Buddha, Dhamma and the Sangha shall always be our Refuges.

- Brother BEar

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