Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Camp Ehi-Passiko 2010: Groupings

With passion and dedication from our beloved awesome campmasters (Wufeng Xinyi Eugene), CEP 2010 was a refreshing new experience for both campers and organisers. Words cannot express how much joy we've all felt throughout the process. Thank you for spearheading this project! Your visions has etched a great impression in many people's lives. With faith and loving-kindness from you, may the SBM family and families of all campers and organisers grow in harmony. Sadhu!

CEP Campers of 2010! You've been an engaging group which did not fail to bring smiles to us. You made all our efforts worthwhile! Its our pleasure to put in our best for you. Hope you've learnt something from this camp and made good spiritual friends! Stay tuned for more pictures! meawhile, enjoy the group shots.

Megamind - The group that cheers for 20 mins! =)
Mettabot - Don't bottle up your loving kindness!
Simpsons - A happy family
Jedi - May the faith be with you!

Stay tune for more pictures!!!

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