Sunday, January 2, 2011


Might be a wee bit late for a post-CEP post, but it's better than nothing right! :)

The journey to CEP definitely wasn't easy for me, along with some other commitments I have. Too much ups and downs for 6 months, sometimes I wonder what I'm doing. Too much break-downs for 6 months. But,

For these smiles, these pictures, these memories, for the 朋友 we all sang together during campfire, it was all worth it. I'll go back in time, and do the exact same thing again :)

All this wouldn't be possible without all the awesome people around me! :)
My campmasters - Wu Feng & Eugene
Publicity IC - Jian Yong
Dharma ICs - Kevin & Yin Hong
Games ICs - Fu Zhong & Forest
Logs ICs - Yuan Yi, Wen Cong & Zhen Yu
Campfire ICs - Wen Shi & Yeow Chong
Messing ICs - Eunice & Sly
Camera Crew - Cherise, Keith, Shi Xiong & Ze Ming
GLs - Elysia, Grace, Hazel, Jeanne, Mao, Rayner, Ryan, Sherman, Tessa, Yi Xiang, Ying Hui
All my other fellow organzx - Adeline, Alvin, Amy, Cleonn, Coburn, Denise, Dylan, Ernest, Glen, Hang Qi, Hui Yu, Ian, Jimmy, Kaiwen, Khee Teng, Lionel, Marc, Melody, Pearly, Pearson, Raymond, Selina, Vicky, Victor Tan and Wah Long.
Campers of CEP 2010 - Jedi, Megamind, Metta-bot & Simpsons

There're way too many things to thank you guys for. But to sum it all up, thank you for being part of my life :) To all who've been there for me, cheering me on with all your nonsense before, during and after camp, guiding me, thank you :) I'm thankful for all of you :)

There're many many firsts this camp. Despite all the many many firsts, I'd say once again,
Camp Ehi-Passiko 2010, Camp Ehi-Passiko Exclusive 2010, SUCCESS!

Xinyi ♥

P.S. You want video? See you @ SBM on 150111. Details soon. No see no scatter.

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