Sunday, January 30, 2011

In the papers

Check out our Vice-President (Admin), Mabel, in the Saturday papers, for a NTU advertorial.

The gift of speech

First-year psychology student Mabel Ong, who aspires to be a speech therapist, declares that she loves to talk but she does not take this "gift" for granted.

"I believe that speech is a gift of communication. Hence, I want to bring this joy of communication to others in the community who are having difficulties with it," says the Nanyang Scholar.

Mabel, a Raffles Institution alumnus, adds that she picked psychology as it provides a good foundation for her to build up her skills in communicating effectively with people. She names her introductory psychology lecturers from the School of Humanities an Social Sciences, Associate Professor Douglas Matthews and Assistant Professor Wendy Cheng, as her inspiration. "They share their real-world experiences with us and this gives us a good insight into what working in the field is like," she says.

Outside of class, Mabel enjoys helping the less fortunate. At the Singapore Buddhist Mission, she helps to plan weekly gatherings, camps and other activities for teenagers to learn about Buddhism. She will also be volunteering with the YMCA in its Y Confidence programme, which helps youth at risk and people with special needs.

In NTU, Mabel is active in her hall activities as the events coordinator for its annual Dinner and Dance and as one of the lead actresses in its upcoming drama production. She says: "NTU has such a vibrant student life, and a positive and encouraging culture, created by the students and the staff. It gives us a conducive environment in which we can all pursue our dreams."

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