Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Visit to Subang Jaya Part 1

8 of our youths went on a trip sponsored by the SBM General Committee to Kuala Lumpur to visit our friends from Subang Jaya Buddhist Association Youth Section (SJBAYS). A 6 hours bus ride and a three hours sleep later was the Buddhist Fellowship Futsal Competition.

We wished our apparel sponsor was Nike.

Forest scored a beautiful goal and blocked a point-blank shot for this game.

Alas, it was not to be. A long bus journey and with all our muscles tight and sore, 7 out of 8 players were injured, some even before the games began. The team's dazzler had to limp throughout the games, unable to show-off his dribbling skills. The man of the team was undoubtedly Yeow Chong, whose shot-stopping skills saved the team on numerous occasions. Hangqi had a great game as well, as the sweeper whom you could always rely on.

We came with excitement and went back home with sprained ankles, strained muscles and an appreciation plaque.

But Buddhist Fellowship Futsal 2011 was not organized merely for competitive futsal. Rather, it was an opportunity for everyone to learn to cultivate mudita and also to build strong spiritual friendship amongst the Buddhist communities in the Klang Valley. And which we rightly did. Never mind that we were not the champions, spiritual friendship was the bigger prize.

With organisers of BFF 2011 - Buddhists Can Kick!

With our friends from SJBAYS, who not only gave us a home to stay but also selflessly drove us around for non-stop feasting and eating and playing local guides.

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