Sunday, February 13, 2011

2 Upcoming Projects

A Chance to Shine

Do you like to sing and dance? If you do then SBM Youth's Resonation Performing Arts Circle will be the answer to you. Fresh from last year's inaugural Resonation Concert, will be sending a boy/girl band to perform at Vesak@Orchard 2011. For more information, please approach Yeow Chong, the new coordinator for Resonation.

This was what we did last year:

Lights, Camera, Action!
And for those interested in becoming the next Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams or Julia Roberts, look no further than Ruby Lane! SBM Youth would be organising a 8 session course on Basic Filmmaking. Participants will be taught the basics of directing, camera work, editing and script-writing. For those interested in being actors/actresses, we are also in talks to bring in a local theater producer to give you a 2-session acting class. All classes are free for all members of the youth group and their friends. The aim of this course is to equip members interested in this craft, the basic skills needed. As part of the course, participants will also be required to shoot a 3-minute short film related to Buddhism, with actors coming from our own youth group. Interested to join or know more, please approach Shi Xiong or Zeming.

There are not many Buddhist-related films around, especially from youth perspective. Hopefully we can kickstart a series of Buddhist-themed short films. Remember Dec 2009 when many of us helped worked on Shi Xiong's Buddhist-themed film? Trailer below:

A Light in the Darkness from Liew Shi Xiong on Vimeo.

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