Monday, February 21, 2011

Sharing Sessions 2011 Kickstarts!

Great to see everyone back at SBM for Sharing Sessions 2011. This year's theme is a continuation of 2010's Walking With Buddha's Series but what makes 2011 stands out is that we're going to learn the Buddha's teachings from the perspective of His great disciples. So hope to see you guys continue to come to learn the Dhamma with like-minded friends in our small and humble Buddhist centre.

On another note, this was what happened for the first sharing session of year 2011. Enjoy the pictures.
What's making Jelica tick?

Brothers-in-the Dhamma.

Facilitator-of-the-Day, Mabel.

The Man and Brains behind our upcoming iPhone project and revamped website.

Moggallana House.

Sariputta House.

Captain Kassapa, "and the Buddha says... ..."

Ananda House.

Sharing Session 2011.

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