Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random realisation

Last night, at the most unlikely of places I experienced enlightenment on a nano-scale.

While waiting at pizza hut for a forgotten order, I realised that I wasn't angry or frustrated. In similar past situations, my tolerance would not have even existed. Usually, I would kick up a big fuss to register my dissatisfaction with the management.

It took me awhile to notice how calm I was, and that my patience was barely stretched given the fact that I was really hungry. 5 mins later, the order came and I left to resume my dinner with the Lee's happily.

My emotions, speech, actions and thoughts differs, depending on the people I am with but everything still boils down to me.

We all choose to put in effort in being mindful in the presence of certain people. Like how we choose our words carefully when speaking with Bhante(s).

We all have qualities of the Buddha, but the difference is that we choose not to unlock them. Fret not though, the choice is still in our hands. The more we practice, the more we better better at it.

Start small. Start somewhere. Above all, just start.

Again, the choice to start is yours alone :)

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