Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wat Ananda Youth Community Service

Ladies & Gentlemen,

SBM Youth will be joining a community service hosted by Wat Ananda Youth on 20th March 2011.

We will be going to homes which are occupied mostly by old folks who are staying alone, often poor and lack the capability to take care of themselves.

Volunteers are expected to help in distributing rations, doing some cleaning work and nonetheless talk to the old folks and brighten up their day!

Those who are interested, please send an email to Kevin at titled 'SBMY Comm Service' to express your interest. If you wish to make donations to Wat Ananda Youth for the regular community services held (they do so once every 3 months), please inform Kevin together with your email or you can approach him directly.

See you at SBM this Saturday for a session held by Sister Selina on Being Wise!

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