Monday, July 18, 2011

8 ctivities of Happy people!!! - by Dr Tan Eng Kong

Out of the 8 happy activities, how many are you constantly involved in?

1. Devote time for relationships - family, friends
2. Enjoys expressing gratitude
3. First to offer a helping hand
4. Practice optimism when imagining future
5. Regular physical exercise
6. Savour life's pleasures and happy moments
7. Live in the present moment
8. Passionate about an ideal as a life goal

Dr Tan Eng Kong (MBBS, MPM, FRANZCP), a Sydney-based psychotherapist who currently chairs Metta Clinic, a group psychological practice in Pymble, Sydney came over to Singapore to give a talk, and during his engaging, charismatic 90-minute talk he got to mention to the audience the list of activities that happy people seem to be doing in their lives every day.

Try reading, pausing and appreciating all the points mentioned, line by line, and see if you can relate to them. May this simple note help those in search of happiness!

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