Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Youth Day to all the teenagers out there! Youth is a treasure and you should cherish it while you have it. Time will slowly sip away this treasure and in no time you will be like me - old!

How to spend your youth? Study hard, play hard, and also be filial to parents and honor the teachings of the Buddha!

For the bunch of us, we went to the Asian Civilization Museum to pay a visit to the Terra cottas! But along the way, we bumped into many Buddhist monuments and artifacts. There were truly breath-taking and inspiring.

Above is the statues of Buddha along with the first 4 disciple he accepted when he began turning the wheel of the dhamma. I have heard misconceptions from people saying Buddhists are idol prayers. The thing is that they fail to see the significance and beauty behind the statues which we pay reverence to. Each statue amplifies the serenity and characteristics of learning the dhama; mainly the 4 brahma viharas. ( You should know what are they :P )
Paying respects to this idol is a reminder to be humble, because you are before someone who had been capable of deciphering and living the dhamma. And also, the virtues that one should acquire to walk a calm and happy life as a lay person. 

And because Buddha was a Buddha. LOL! He was loved by all living beings. Above is a depiction of the Naga King sheltering him when Mara threw a huge downpour of rain on him while he is in meditation. In the karaniya metta sutta, some of the benefits of practising loving kindness are that one will be dear to humans and non-humans and devas will protect you. 

Other then practising good virtues, one should also arm himself with knowledge of Buddhism, so when people who are interested to know more can be satisfied. Being a Dhamma protector is hard at such times, but as young aspiring Buddhists i am sure everyone of us can do it! - Mohawk Jagabee

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