Thursday, August 11, 2011

And fireworks go pew pew pew!

I hope everyone had a great time at the Marina Barrage, I know I did! :) Compared to the rest of the people who went on down to the barrage to chill, we were by far the most well-prepared. We had everything! Food, drinks, ice, a big space, kites - everything except tissue paper.

Thank you to our crew of chefs who went down to Mabel's house to prepare yummy pasta and finger food for us!

Thank you to Zeming, for fetching our food and logistics to the barrage. And thank you Pearson, for fetching the remaining logistics back.

And of course, thank you everyone for coming down to ulu Marina Barrage! What's the point of the event, without the attendees ? :)

National day comes by only once a year, but I am sure we can always find an excuse to just gather and chill with everyone! :P

A day to relax, fly kites, have a small picnic while watching fireworks with good friends is really a great way to sum up pretty much what we did a the Marina Barrage.

Let's go back there together again next year!

Especially to the gallery! :P

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