Monday, August 29, 2011

Peace (Y)

@Wu Feng's sharing.. A group of monks were debating if  it is the sense objects that fetter the mind or the sense organs that cause the problems. Citta arrived at the monastery, and asked what they were discussing, and they told him. 

Citta said, "Sirs! sense objects and sense organs are different." 

He then used a simile: a black ox and a white ox were tied together with a rope. 

Now would the black ox be the fetter of the white ox 


that the white ox  the fetter of the black ox?"

"Certainly not," answered the monks. 

The black ox   fetter of the white ox 
The white ox  ≠ fetter of the black ox
The fetter = rope

Citta agreed and further explained:

the eye   fetter of visual objects 
visual objects  ≠ fetter of the eye

But rather, the desire that arises from the meeting of the two, that is the fetter. And it is the same with the other sense organs and their objects.


Let me set an example. Items you should take note - the eye, the flower, the heart <3

One day you go to a garden and you sit down on the bench to enjoy the scenery. At the corner of your eye you saw this really beautiful flower growing. 

THIS IS WHEN the eye ( sense organ ) meets the flower ( sense object ). Initially you say what a nice flower and you left the park and went home. 

While at home, you suddenly thought of the flower and you began to want to have it because of its beauty. The heart ( desire ) comes into play and  makes you think of it every now and then. 


So, neither the eye nor the flower becomes the factor of why your clinging on to. But rather the heart ( desire ) that wants you to acquire it. Thus the heart ( rope in the ox example ) becomes the fetter ( attachment ) to the flower. 

If seriously you do not understand still, please call me up or facebook me. I will explain to you until you understand. 

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