Sunday, September 25, 2011

The disciple of the Buddha known for his incomparable generosity was Anathapindika. He was a man with both material and spiritual wealth. Not only did he buy a whole park for the Buddha to stay in Savatthi, he also was the reason why laypeople could listen to the Dharma. Most of the discourse were aimed for understanding by laypeople thanks to Anathapindika. 

Many people have the wrong perception that Buddhism denounces the acquisition of material comforts and pleasure. And is only concerned with the spiritual development. However, the Buddha was very much alive to the fact that economic stabilty is essential for man's welfare and happiness.

Below is 4 ways the Buddha had said about how to acquire wealth in a way that will conduce to prosperity and happiness.

1) Alertness
2) Carefulness
3) Having companionship of good friends
4) Maintaining a balanced livelihood

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