Sunday, September 18, 2011

For those who have attended today's sharing by Brother Vicky on the story or King Bimbisara and Prince Ajasatu, this is a cartoon version of what we have been shared. Sorry it is only available in chinese, but it is a really inspiring short film. Enjoy!
Part I : The reason why Prince Ajasatu had his name: unborn enemy. And how Devadatta incited wrong views into him that his parents hated him and encouraged him to usurp the throne. 
Part II: He successfully ascended the throne and rewarded Devadatta for his effort. The queen was heart-broken to see his king suffer in the prison and decided to sneak in food for him. In addition, the cell window faced the vulture peak; where the Buddha preaches. It serves as a motivation as the king was a devout Buddhist.
Part III: The queen is vexed and prays for the Buddha to relief her sorrow. The Buddha then preaches on Amitabha Buddha and the pureland. 

Part IV: Skip to 6.40 mins. The queen watches Ajasatu sucks the pus from his own son and was reminded of how king Bimbisara had done the same for him. Instead of spitting out the pus, he swallowed them down because he was afraid if Ajasatu saw the blood and pus he would be afraid.
Part V: Prince Ajasatu is reminded of his time with his father and he had the urge of repent and guilt. He ordered the release of his father. But it was too late as he had past away. Following that, he banned Devadatta from his kingdom and also fell very ill.
Part VI: The Buddha radiates loving kindness on Ajasatu and heals him of his illness. He later visited the Buddha and he preached a sermon to him. However, because he commit the crime of murdering his father, he failed to attain sotapana. 

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