Friday, November 18, 2011

Before sleep thoughts

I'm really thankful for the friends at Sbm and the things we are able to learn and do together. There're so many other places everyone can go to, so many other things everyone can do. But we chose to be in Sbm. I used to think the motive is so important, why you wanna come to Sbm. But over the years I realise it doesn't really matter, what matters most is that ultimately, we know what we are here for, we know why we are here, ultimately we find something that links us all so closely together.

Having worked with people from the adult world, I think we're so lucky to have each other. I think I'm so lucky to have all of you! We do loads of stupid things, we behave super childishly, we make loads of mistakes and we piss each other off. But ultimately, we learn from all these mistakes and we move on without bearing a grudge towards each other. And ultimately, we always know we have each other to fall back on. We might have taken each other for granted sometimes, but all we need is small little reminders to remind us how each and everyone of us are so important in our own ways.

The next two months is going to be yet another journey before the next year arrives, and let's work together and make it a success, be it CEP, or just sbm as a whole! We can do it! :)

Good luck for those who're still having exams btw! And jiayou for everyone else who're working your bum off.

Thank you for all of you ♥ Love y'all :D


P.S. Pardon me for the English, I'm half asleep right now.

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