Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finding every reason to celebrate

I recall on day 1 of camp, the organisers were so sad. so sad that they didn't live up to their own expectations, so sad that there were changes, so sad of this, so sad of that.

so we went around to ask for the most fulfilling thing that happened in that day. Many had trouble choosing what was most fulfilling, because many good things did happen. However, they were just preoccupied on the negative happenings.

Every single one of them had something fulfilling that occured in their day, and that alone was enough to make them see the fruits that were born out of their effort, determination, hardwork and sacrifices made.

That, was alone, enough to motivate them to continue for the rest of the camp.

That day my mom told yinghui's mom that we, as SBMY, celebrate christmas (though it's not really part of our religion) because "we find every reason to celebrate".

Remember to find reasons to celebrate in our lives, and not just reasons to be sad over. We'll then realise that life is a lot better, a lot happier and a lot more meaningful.

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