Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Hello Everybody!

How have you people been doing? Collecting enough angpows and eating enough bakwas and pineapple tarts over there?

CNY over here is equivalent to normal day around life, except for the fact that we can't pack four season's roasted duck home to eat :(

Living here is like living around a retreat center, where it gets dark before 5pm, streets get deserted, and all around is peace and quiet. (Maybe not so peaceful outside the house, since it's kinda dangerous.)

If not for Jelicia entertaining me with cereal prawns, ondeh ondeh, and Ernest tempting me with the infamous ahlian beehoon, life here would be like a retreat. (Yes, our director of welfare services is extending her services and love all the way to Hertfordshire with the assistance of whatsapp).

I'm not saying it's that bad, because there's no reason to procrastinate. It's the perfect day to walk down the path where trees are bare, where squirrels fly around and apples fill the floor. The weather is never too hot, and the radiator is never too warm. Everyday I walk down the streets looking at the scenery.

My friends commented that the blue-ness of the sky here is a lot nicer than Singapore's, and another commented that we don't even take note of the sky in singapore, which is very true. How many times have we slowed down to look at the awesomeness around us?

There's a dedicated room in school for meditation, though for now doing it in my room provides me with good conditions. AThere's literally nothing to distract me/give me reason to procrastinate. I'm looking forward to attending the Buddhist service on Thursday, although in the photo i see lots of white hair. Let's go surprise them with some youngster walking in :)

It's so peaceful down here, and I'm enjoying this slow motion pretty much :) (But there's still this part of me that's waiting for Amy to come over soon so I can hop around town with her. Sorry zeming!)

Don't worry, all is good here. And how are you guys?

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