Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Your Perspective Changes Your World

Change is the new constant. We experience change in every single moment, we all do but the magical reality is this - depending on how we view the change, it will give us a different world of experience.

Special Thanks to the kids at Ti-Ratana Orphanage, for being my inspiration to share. May the merits accumulated through the effort and joy of this sharing brings you joyoues smiles and beuatiful success in your lifeCarpe Diem! - Seize the day.

This video was a good summary to the Dhamma teachings that was discussed. It touched on impermanence and how understanding that our world is impermanent, we should seize every moment in our lives, treasure every moment cause each and everymoment can be better than the previous if only we seize the moment itself.

(View the video up to 4.15 mins)

Amy Tong

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