Thursday, June 28, 2012

ACE to the finish.

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Every camp is different from others, no question in that. This camp, however, has been a really memorable experience for me. This is the one camp I see so much bonding, energy and many new people doing new things. It's great to see the seniors coaching the younger ones and making room for growth for those who were willing to try something new!

There is no doubt that this camp has been the most tiring camp (at least for myself), at the end of Day 2 I felt as though it was the last Day of camp! Sure, everyone was tired both physically and mentally but everyone supported one another in any way they could. Even in times where things didn't go as planned, nobody blamed anyone for anything and everyone just did what needed to be done.

I am grateful to all of the effort, time and sweat that has been put in to make this camp possible. Although this camp was a new project, we all have learnt many new skills as well as lessons throughout the 4 Days and 3 Nights and the success we achieved was bigger than we had expected!

I would like to acknowledge everyone who have stepped out of their comfort zone, who were open to try something different. It is no easy task but do celebrate the fact that you have tried and being willing to listen to feedback given to improve oneself. Thank you everyone, for it is not me that have made camp so enjoyable but us. It is also us that have taught me what I need to improve on and also shown me what I am capable of achieving.

Seeing the impact this camp had on not only the participants but the organisers as well, made me realize how important it is to know that no one is alone and no one will ever be left behind. There will always be a place for me wherever I go and whenever I return, and this is the place I know I am home.

If I have offended anyone intentionally or unintentionally, I sincerely apologise for my actions or words. I wish that the spirit of encouragement, positivity and relentless support for one another does not fade with the end of ACE Camp. For each and everyone of us is part of the ACE Camp spirit, so let us all not forget and let us all grant the ACE Camp spirit a chance to live outside camp.



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