Friday, August 10, 2012

A Buddhist in a working environment

Last Saturday, Venerable Bodhi shared with us the two components of being successful professionally, as a Buddhist. How can we work towards the top yet still maintain a good working relationship with the people around us?

Xinyi has done up a summary based on Venerable Bodhi's Sharing below, Enjoy!

Venerable Bodhi shared the professional and interpersonal segments of being successful so I would like to share one major take-away I had from the sharing :)

How can we influence people, not to 'stand on our side', but to share similar goals and aspirations in our working environment?

Work ethics, charisma, communication skills

Venerable Bodhi shared with us an article that I found to be really interesting and helpful, not just to people in the working world, but even to people like myself who have yet to stepped into the working world, or students!

Venerable Bodhi said that when she first read the article, it sounded like the characteristics a Bodhissatva would possess :) I thought what Venerable Bodhi shared with us was really helpful, and I would like to share with everyone :)

How to be charismatic?

1. Connecting with people around us: being genuine and sincere when communicating with them, not as superiors but seeing them at the same level as ourselves

2. Having presence: not undermining others, or allow people to undermine ourselves, and being driven by passion or purpose not by fame or money

3. Awareness: to be aware of the strengths/barriers that affect the relationship with people, being aware of and sensitive to people's thoughts and intentions

4. Relationship-focused: to be slow to criticise, quick to compliment, seeing the best in people and being genuinely interested in people's well-being

5. Influence: to possess empathy and use stories or analogies to get our points across to people

6. Standing out: not afraid of being different, doing the unexpected, at the same time driven by dedication and determination in whatever we do

7. Modelling
: constantly seeking from mentors or similar successful people, having the intense hunger to learn and improve with this thought in mind, "What can I learn from this person?"

8. Altruism
: preferring to give rather than take, having this innate generosity and firmly believing that we can get what we want in life, so to first help others get what they want in life

I will work on 'connecting with people', being genuine in my conversations for now :)

And how about you? :)

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