Tuesday, October 2, 2012

15th Anniversary Photoshoot

 The Production Crew

Executive Producer and his production team

 The Co-Producer and his backstage crew.

The Electric Control Room. The guys in-charge of your visual displays, lights and music.

Lady boss and her Front-of-House crew.

 The Performers

 Jun Sian puts on a solo cello performance.

Guitar Heroes: Wen Shi & John. 

Zeming, Shannen and Wei Guang performs Buddhist pop music via acoustic.

The One-Man Filmmaking Machine and his two young actors, Cleonn and Justin.

 Fusion of Eastern, Western and African music in the form of Larry on guzheng, Xurong on the djembe drums and Shaun on keyboard.

"When is SNSD performing Taxi Taxi?"

Buddhist rock band, Reaching Jhana, emulating John Woo and his pigeons motif.

Ace. All-boys dance group.

 K*. Girl dance group.

The Karaoke team.

Say cheese! Thank you all for the support! Videos coming up soon! 

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