Sunday, January 6, 2013

Message from Uncle Audick

Dear friends, it has been about 3 weeks since we break camp. Camp Ehi-Passiko 2012 is another success!

Mr. Audrick Kwek or more affectionately known as Uncle Audrick, is the General Secretary of the General Commoittee, Singapore Buddhist Mission, sends a congratulatory message to all the organizers of Camp Ehi-Passiko:

Dear Ehipassiko Camp Organizers.
This recent camp that ended yesterday is a reinforcement of your SADDHA (Faith) in the Buddha Dhamma and dedication to Teamwork. 

As the sayings goes Unity is Strength. 

Vicky / Ernest - You did a good job in galvanizing your team to give their best for this camp. 

Supporting 80 young participants with a volunteer group of 60 youth leaders has indeed provided a good base for you to train your 4th Generation leaders.
I spoke to a dozen smiling parents who attended your presentation and campfire program last night's. They were very happy and proud of the kids participating in this camp. Quite a few wanted to have their other younger kids join this Ehipassiko Camp in the next year. 
I would like to compliment the various teams who spent so much time rehearsing and going through the details of their program and dry runs. As list of names are quite long, let me focus on a few  teams that I have managed to engage with over the weekends:
1) The Messing Team- You were faced with a lot of challenges with the sudden demise of our regular Caterer's wife in ABCD. You have persevered and came up with alternatives. The good thing is that nobody is left hungry.
2) Camp Fire is certainly very well organized. Thanks Xinyi, Sherman, HuiYu, Pearson and team. It is certainly a very good idea to have picture taking session together with campers and their parents as well as Venerable Dhammika and Venerable ChandaWimala.
3) Games & Dhamma discussion leaders as well as the peripheral support team who helped purchase impromptu needs should not be left out in this recognition note.
Good work to One and All !!. 

Keep up this "CAN DO" mental energy and I am confident you will do well in whatever aspirations you intend to achieve.
With Metta

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