Saturday, March 23, 2013

Youth Dharma Sharing on 2nd March 2013

Carey's reflections on what she learnt :)

Saturday's session was about anger. We played a game where everyone sat in a circle. Each of us was given a cup of water and a bowl. A vase was placed in the middle. With a limited time, we each had to empty our cups. Either by pouring it into the vase, in someone else's bowl or in our own bowl. In this game, the cup of water represents our anger, the bowl represents our capacity to hold anger. When someone pour water in our bowl, we would pour water in his/her bowl. Same goes for anger, if we let out our on someone, that person will also do the same. I learnt that we should not let out our anger on others. In a way, anger works like karma. What you give to others, it will get back to you. Instead, I should try to understand why the person is angry and not quarrel with him/her.

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