Monday, May 6, 2013

The Camp Master of Camp Ehi Passiko 2013 Speaks!

The Camp Master of Camp Ehi Passiko 2013 Speaks!

This man, currently responsible for nation's safety and smooth operations of our Army to date, has been quietly plotting his next big project for SBM Youth.

In a personal interview with this leader, we found out the reasons why he joined the cause to bring yet another year of success to CEP, and the incident he claimed was a sudden 'ambush' by seniors that brought him to his current exploits!

Why did you take up the Camp Master Role?

I took up the camp master role as I feel that it is a chance for me to learn more and to step up. It took me quite a while to decide on taking the role, and also the fear of disappointing others prevented me from making a quick decision. After quite a while, I decided to step up and to really show what I can do. 

What was the 'Ambush' that happened? And who ambushed you? 
I took up the role in the end seeing how much the people at the table of the Kallang Prata shop during one of the nights of supper, believed in me. I decided to give it a shot, shaking Alvin and Shi Xiong’s hand in an agreement to take over the role of the camp master. I didn't see it too much as an ambush in the end, as the cause was right and it was after all, THE BRAND of SBM Youth that CEP carries on and endures. I am proud to say too that I have my fellow brother, Hangqi to accompany me through this journey of building the camp. 

What do you hope for CEP to be for 2013? 
I hope that this CEP will be a memorable and enriching camp, where the youths can come to find spiritual friendship and forged an unbreakable bond that will last for the years to come. It doesn't end at the camp too. It endures. :) 

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