Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alive and kicking!

Hello everyone!

Time flies, and it's already July! June has been a busy busy month for all of us, with ACE Camp 2013, as well as activities that followed.

ACE Camp 2013 was a special one for all of us :) I learnt alot during this camp, and bonded with so many more people over the few days/nights spent with everyone. I am so grateful to be able to go through this camp with everyone, despite the thousand and one changes. The plans changed from a 4D3N camp to a one-day event, and finally, a 2D1N camp for everyone. The lack of sleep and the crazy haze didn't stop all of us from having fun in the process as well. And it's so heart-warming to see everyone work together. And I'm really proud of everyone who was almost ready to spring into action 99% of the time, accepting the changes as they come along, despite being so tired. I remember everyone spamming redbull on first day of camp (because some people did not sleep the night before -.-).

And and the uber cosy campfire at Fairy Point Bungalow level 2! I was so touched to see everyone there in the cosy corner enjoying ourselves, knowing this is the family I'm stuck to (hurhur I don't think I have a choice :3), and I was so happy I teared (I'm abit embarrassed by this... mehhh DON'T JUDGE). Because that night, we were all there together, enjoying ourselves at the campfire after a sleepless night of planning, after a crazy day of games, and after everything, it's the camp we all organised together :)

It was one crazy camp, with stupid videos and songs played on repeat throughout the entire camp it's so annoying because they were all stuck in my head for days even after camp.

Oopsie I know this post about ACE Camp is kinda slow hurhur. But, thank you everyone for making this camp a success, and making it really really enjoyable for me.

And let's not stop here, let's keep going, and forge greater spiritual bonds amongst one another, and new spiritual bonds with more people, spreading the Dharma to more people. Let's continue to grow in spirituality, and improve together as a family :)

Love y'allllllllllllllllll!


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