Saturday, February 22, 2014

Javier's reflection

Today, we had a Singaporean monk who went Japan to study about Buddhism. 

Our speaker for the session is Reverend Clifton Dodatsu Ong, an ordained priest of the Japanese Jodo Shin Buddhism tradition. 

About Rev. Clifton Dodatsu
Born in 1978 to a family with Christian upbringing, Rev. Clifton encountered Buddhism at the age of 15. Thereafter, he attended sessions at Foo Hai Chan Monastery as well as other Buddhist centers. In early 2000, Rev. Clifton encountered Jodo Shin Buddhism. Inspired by the teachings, he went to Japan to study Buddhism in March 2002 and was ordained as a Buddhist priest at the Nishi Hongwanji Temple in August 2004. Rev. Clifton is currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Shin Buddhist Studies, Ryukoku University at Kyoto, Japan.

And here is what Javier has to say after the sharing:

"The practice of Buddhism is very different in Japan. However, the essence of Buddhism, which is the teaching of the Buddha, to be a happier person is strongly enforced. They have a rich history of Buddhism, resulting in a wide range of Buddhism practice. One very different practice is their robes for different occasions. Also, they have no marital, diet or grooming obligations."

What do you think about Buddhism practiced in Japan?

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