Tuesday, June 23, 2015

VESAK 2559 - SBM celebrations (throwback)

1st June 2015 marked a very important day for Buddhists in Singapore - it marked the birth, enlightenment, and pari nibbana of the Buddha. As early as 7am in the morning, both youths and adults of SBM were already busy with the last preparations for the very important occasion. 

The day started off with puja, where we offered Light, Incense, Flower, Water and Fruits. After that held numerous chanting programmes and talks from bhantes that were scheduled timely throughout the day. 

Lunch time; with our youths serving devotees food lovingly prepared by the adults. (Food=happiness:D)

This Vesak was similar to previous Vesak celebrations, with our signature coconut booth, and programmes like the bathing of the Buddha. On top of all this, the youths decided to initiate a new project this year, with an aspiration to fold 2559 Paper lotuses. 

Seemingly an easy task, folding a paper lotus actually requires immense levels of concentration and mindfulness, for a lack of concentration may cause a tear in the paper lotus, a wrong step may prevent one form folding the perfect lotus. The youths engaged the devotees, challenging them to fold the lotuses mindfully. Even though 2559 lotuses was a seemingly "impossible" task with a slow progress at the beginning, our youths devised the "factory specialization of labor" method and managed to complete the folding before the night programmes on 1st June! It was a historical moment and everyone was very heartened and overjoyed as our efforts paid off. 

The night programme was highlighted by the candlelight procession. Each armed with a lotus in our hands, we headed to do a walk in the vicinity of SBM. Repeatedly chanting a mantra as we walk, we made aspirations for the year. 

And there, we are at the end of our vesak celebrations! Definitely a joyful day for us to remember. Look forward to Vesak next year!

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