Sunday, April 24, 2016

Music Musings Month Vol 3: The Jamming Monks

Sharing today was mainly about Mahayana Buddhism and music. It was a rather insightful sharing as even though I grew up in the Mahayana background, most of the time I was just going to the temple because my parents told me to. Hence, I was not really familiar with the culture and the reasons on why we do certain things. 

For example in the sharing today, Tessa talked about venerable Heng Sure's actions of 三步一拜( 3 steps 1 bow) and how it was to seek for world peace. As a kid I also did 3 steps 1 bow on a yearly basis during Vesak as my mum dragged me along. However, I never understood the rationale behind it and I was always very reluctant to do it as I felt that it was very tiring. 

Tessa also shared how Mahayana Buddhism would sometimes incorporate music in their teachings to spread the Dharma, for example Venerable Heng Sure's album "Varamita" which consists of 15 American Buddhist folk songs. She also mentioned about Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk in Vietnam and the Plum village where they used music for meditation, chanting and to reach out to the masses. 

The sharing ended with Brother Kang Kee sharing of his secular songs which I found was really meaningful! Overall it was a insightful sharing!!!

Cheow Hong

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