Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dialogue in the Dark

"This opportunity to participate in Dialogue in the Dark has allowed me to better understand how it feels to have my sense of sight taken away from me. This has also taught me to properly assist visually impaired people if we come across any of them and why we should not feel bad if our help is being declined as at times our help may affect the way they have recognized the landmarks and navigation of the place itself. 

Although this is my second time participating in Dialogue in the Dark, I find myself still feeling afraid for being put in a place with complete darkness as I would not be able to see what is coming and feel rather insecure as a result." 


"A morning start at Dialogue in the Dark with SBM Youth and had a mini realization as to how at times we may take our sight for granted in our daily lives. Really impressed with William whom guided us through the tour, sharing with us his experience and emotions when he acquired blindness 3 decades ago. Acceptance, support from his loved ones and this job opportunity helped him moved on. Really grateful to see how such meaningful franchise was created and many more initiatives to help improve lives" 


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