Friday, August 22, 2008

Pictorial Sharing on Myanmar Cyclone Victims

Here’s my thought after Venerable Visuddha's sharing, I realised how fortunate we are as we do not have natural disasters here in Singapore. However, many people still do not know how to be contented with what they have and still want more. I am also amazed at how all of the villagers could be so calm and line up patiently while receiving the food. If I were to be there, I doubt that I could stay calm under such hunger and upon seeing food, I might even rush to grab it. I want to learn from the way they are easily contented and the way of them not taking more when they have their share. These are all little things we can learn from them. Although the people from Myanmar might be poor and suffering in hunger, they have things which cannot be found here in our rich and hunger-free country – contentment. That is what we all want to learn, to be more contented with the lives we have now.

- Fu Zhong

This was how bad the situation over at Myanmar was:

However, even in times like this, they are able to come together and work as one and cook for everyone.

De Yuan Shi Fu with all the rebuilding tools and necessitiesThey started their rebuilding plans
The children are still able to smile sweetly, even after what they’ve gone through.

Squeezing two classes into one. Happy students despite what as happen. they are so eager to start school. Are we?

-Xin Yi

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