Monday, August 4, 2008

Lord, How do I Love Thee?


Venerable Bodhi once again made sharing an interactive one by encouraging us to being small portions of offerings to offer to Lord Buddha. One by one, we went, talking about how we got in touch with Buddhism and our personal connection with Buddha.

Although the connection has yet to be found in some,they are currently seeking it, while in others, the connection is already evidently established. To a few, the Buddha is a character whom they always look towards when they have problems, someone whom they look to for guidance. To others, just by thinking of the Enlightened one calms their soul, clears their mind of all the clutter that has been accumulating through the day/week.There are some who have respect as the basis of their relation with the Lord Buddha.

To me, it was indeed an insightful session. This is a question I have never asked myself. When I did contemplate about it, yes, I did find my connection with him; I realised that his presence has helped me to calm my own emotions and find peace within myself. When I pondered upon this question and found my answer to it, I could feel my faith and belief in him reaffirmed. Then, came in gratitude, for his guidance in my life.

As we can see, this special feeling and connection towards the Buddha varies from individual to individual and we all have our own ways of relating ourselves to him.

Have you, contemplated on your connection to the Buddha?

With metta and joy,

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maya said...

hi i really like this post! sometime i really thinking about how is my connection to our Lord.

Just seeing or remembering his image always calm my mind and soul. Buddhism has brings so much peace into my mind, I am not easily get mad anymore.
I love Him so much! =D